When you’re spending money on PPC to drive traffic to your site it is paramount to track conversions. When we drive traffic we are focused on reporting on the ROI that the campaign brought. Which, in practice is a lot harder than it sounds. We recently ran a campaign for a client that has their entire site built using HubSpot. We wanted to document our experience and our solution to to the problems that we ran into when trying to integrate Google Adwords conversion tracking into the HubSpot site.


  • Site built on HubSpot
  • Conversion Trigger is an end user clicking on an ad and visiting our client’s page and filling out a form
  • The “Thank You” page is inline so we couldn’t just fire the pixel on a Thank You page

Seems easy enough, but we found that our pixel just wasn’t firing! HubSpot showed us that leads were being captured from the forms but our Google Adwords conversion pixel showed that it wasn’t being fired.

Here was our setup: